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Having a child with excessively sensitive skin can bring a lot of challenges into your life. You have to watch what products come into the home because it can cause your child to get a rash. Ever since my daughter was born, I have had to be very cautious about the laundry detergents that I used in her clothes as well as my own. When people held her, I had to wrap her in a blanket to prevent perfume and their laundry detergent from causing her to break out in a rash. A dermatologist has helped us find several products that have helped over the years. Find out about sensitive skin here on my blog.



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3 Noticeable Hair Issues And What You Can Do About Them

Your hair is a part of who you are, so when you start to notice changes that are very noticeable, they may make you feel self-conscious. Some things may be temporary, although others may be permanent. Some hair issues can be treated at home, while others may require medication or treatment from a dermatologist to help you. Read on for some noticeable hair changes and what you may be able to do about them.

1. Thinning Hair

Thinning hair can be caused by stress, or it can be caused by medications, or possibly by the diet you are on. What you put in your body can affect the way your body looks, and this includes your hair. If you suddenly have a poor diet that doesn't include a lot of vitamins and minerals, you may have noticed other changes, other than just thinning hair. Stress can affect the entire body, and it can cause your hair to thin as well. When you're stressed, it can also affect your diet, which again, will affect your hair. Adjust your diet to include vitamins and minerals that are found in fresh foods, and do what you can to lessen your stress levels.

2. Hair Loss

If your hair is beginning to fall out in clumps, you're going to notice this. It may be falling out due to a number of reasons, including a skin disorder. If you have a skin concern that is affecting your scalp, such as Alopecia, you may be able to have this treated by your dermatologist. Alopecia is not curable, but you can treat it to prevent further hair loss. Other types of hair loss may be caused by eczema or even extremely dry skin issues. These are also things that your dermatologist can help you treat to prevent further hair loss.

3. Oily Hair

If your usual clean locks are suddenly oily or greasy, it can affect the skin on your face as well, and cause you to breakout. If you have greasy or oily hair, it could be an issue caused by your hair cleansing products. Switch to something that doesn't say moisturizing or for dry skin to prevent your hair from getting too oily. Also, don't add hair conditioner to the scalp at all, just to the ends of your hair.

These are just a few noticeable hair issues you may experience. If you have these or other hair concerns, talk to your dermatologist about what you can do about them.