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Having a child with excessively sensitive skin can bring a lot of challenges into your life. You have to watch what products come into the home because it can cause your child to get a rash. Ever since my daughter was born, I have had to be very cautious about the laundry detergents that I used in her clothes as well as my own. When people held her, I had to wrap her in a blanket to prevent perfume and their laundry detergent from causing her to break out in a rash. A dermatologist has helped us find several products that have helped over the years. Find out about sensitive skin here on my blog.


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Three Reasons To Remove A Cherry Angioma

A cherry angioma is a common skin condition that you probably recognize by sight, even if you don't know it by name. This mark is bright red in color, and while cherry angiomas can vary in size, many of them are fairly small. It's possible to develop this mark in many different areas of your body; you might notice just one, but it's also possible that you can see several. While a cherry angioma isn't very serious, you may still wish to visit a local dermatologist to seek advice. Many people get this mark removed, which your dermatologist can do in one of several ways. Here are three times to remove a cherry angioma.

Unappealing Look

Don't be afraid to inquire about removing one or more cherry angiomas simply because you don't like the look of this mark on your body. A lot of people take this approach when they have a cherry angioma in an area that is highly visible. For example, if you have the mark on your face, neck, or upper chest and find that it's difficult or a hassle to attempt to conceal the mark with makeup or clothing, the best option for you may be to have a dermatologist remove it.


In general, a cherry angioma doesn't cause any irritation, but its location can sometimes result in issues. Namely, if the mark is in an area that you sometimes scratch, you may cause the cherry angioma to bleed. This can make the area sore. For example, if you have the mark on the back of your neck, you might frequently scratch this area when your hair tickles your neck — without initially realizing that you're dragging your nails across the cherry angioma. It may be better to have your dermatologist remove the mark to prevent future issues of this sort.

Change In Appearance

As with any marking on your skin, you should visit a dermatologist if you notice a change in the mark's appearance. Although many appearance changes can be minor, there's also a chance that the change in appearance could be the result of skin cancer. Upon assessing your cherry angioma and comparing its current look to how it used to look, there's a good chance that your dermatologist will recommend removing the mark as a safety precaution. Look online to find a dermatologist in your area or visit your family doctor to get a referral to this specialized medical professional.

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